21 Eylül 2010 Salı

Grassley Ignores Gaga

Grassley Ignores Gaga

Roxanne won't ask and Chuck won't tell because Chuck won't debate. Despite Lady Gaga's best efforts Chuck Grassley votes with John McCain and company to filibuster Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal. It also blocked military pay raises... but apparently appeasing the bigots in the base is more important than supporting the troops. Two strikes against national security: lowering the morale of the troops we have while excluding talented people from service entirely.

Team Roxanne Responds:
“This is just one more inexcusable vote from Iowa’s senior Senator,” said Paulee Lipsman, spokesperson for the United States Senate campaign of Roxanne Conlin. “His action denies a pay raise for the very men and women who are risking their lives for their country in the Middle East. These families should not have to be on food stamps while a member of their family is off fighting in Afghanistan. Grassley’s vote denies better health care for those who are wounded. It denies better equipment for those in combat.”
I'm a few hours behind the curve on this one, but catch those 11 GOP auditors endorsing Mike Mauro. With all due respect to the last three Secretaries of States... Secretary of States? Secretaries of State?... SoS's, they all tried to use the job as a steppingstone to something else. Mike is focused on the job he has, and the across the aisle support shows he does it well.

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