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More Caucus Date Reactions

More Caucus Date Reactions

  • Monday, January 9 is the BCS championship game, and that's at least a week too late for anyone to be playing college football. But that's OK because it's also at least a month early for Iowa to be caucusing. Other arbitrary rules: The Super Bowl should be in January not February, no hockey team should be based in a city where it doesn't snow, and team gear should only be in actual team colors or neutral gray. (Exception allowed for pink but only if there's a breast cancer charity tie-in.)

  • Rick Santorum smells a frontrunner conspiracy in Florida: "I'm sure they'd like to have the election tomorrow. By moving up the calender, you help the favorites."

  • And Kos, still bitter that we screwed Howard Dean, offers his quadrennial Screw Iowa rant:
    The ability of these two states to retain their stranglehold on the primary calendar is a testament to their political acumen. There are 48 other states jealous of their positioning. But I'm happy to cheer any attempt to chip away at that stranglehold, because someday, we will have a process that doesn't cede this important a decision to such a small number of voters unrepresentative of this great nation of ours.
    Riiiight. Unrepresentative. Because everyone knew that the first African American president would catch his big break in Iowa.
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