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Democrat Bomgaars Running in House 2

Democrat Bomgaars Running in House 2

Iowa House Democrats seem to have recruited another solid candidate for a GOP-leaning district, as Spencer city council member Steve Bomgaars has announced in empty House District 2.

But you have to look close to tell: Bomgaars seems to be playing down party ID in this district with 1152 more Republicans than Democrats. The original Spencer Daily Reporter piece that looks press-release based doesn't even include the D word.
"After serving over seven years on the city council, I have seen what can be accomplished when leaders and the community come together," Bomgaars said. "We need a similar approach to state government -- moving forward by finding common ground and steering away from the divisive rhetoric so prevalent today."
Party ID only surfaces in a second Daily Reporter piece from the local Democratic picnic. Both articles emphasize a no "special interest" money pledge so labor PACs, put away those checkbooks.

Bomgaars comes from a background teaching American government, about as Mr. Smith Goes To Des Moines as you can get. Here's hoping Bomgaars gave out lots of A's to students who stuck around Spencer. One of his former students is a potential opponent, ex-Steve King intern and law student Megan Hess.

This empty seat is all of Clay and Palo Alto, with the southern third of Dickinson thrown in. It's made out of pieces of Okoboji Republican Jeff Smith and Estherville Democrat John Wittneben's old seats. House 2 is a Republican seat, true. But it's a veritable People's Republic compared to other northwest Iowa seats. Jack Kibbie's base is in Palo Alto, and Marcy Frevert lasted a long time before she retired and handed off to Wittneben last year.

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